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Benefits of Accent Reduction For Specific Professions



Health Professionals

In a medical setting, clear communication is critical, not only to prevent serious mistakes but also to ensure that patients and staff are able to understand each other. Accent Reduction classes for health professionals has many benefits, including:

  • Better communication between patients, colleagues, and staff.

  • Elimination of mistakes arising from misunderstandings with regard to treatment, dosages, and instructions.

  • Enhanced confidence between patient and professional.

  • More efficient use of time when patients do not have to ask for information to be repeated.

  • More effective presentations in meetings.

Educational Field

Many professors in American universities are non-native speakers of English. While they are respected experts in their fields, their expertise may not be recognized when students and colleagues have difficulty understanding them. Accent Reduction has many benefits for educators, including:

  • Increased understanding of speech communication in lectures, helping students grasp the material more quickly and thoroughly.

  • Increased interaction between professor and students when students are not perceiving a language barrier.

  • More effective interaction between professor and his/her colleagues.

  • More efficient and effective use of time when students do not need to ask for material to be repeated.

Business Environment

In the competitive world of business, employers and employees at every level need to communicate clearly in English. The many benefits of Accent Reduction for business professionals include:

  • Reduced misunderstandings between employees and between employees and supervisors.

  • Increased sales on the phone and in the field when salespeople are clearly understood.

  • Better communication in meetings and presentations.

  • Business can be conducted more quickly and efficiently.

  • Greater likelihood of repeat business from clients and customers.


Excellent communication with clients and in the court room is a critical element of an attorney’s work. With Accent Reduction, non-native speakers or English speakers with regional accents can achieve:

  • Improved communication with diverse clients.

  • Better presentations in court.

  • Being understood more easily on the phone and in meetings.

  • Increased confidence level between attorney and clients.



Actors can benefit significantly from Accent Reduction. Benefits include:

  • Being considered for a wider variety of roles.

  • More confidence going on auditions.

  • Better communication with directors and production crews.

Health professionals that have achieved success due, in part, to completing my Online Accent Reduction Program
The Educational Field would include teachers in elementary through college, coaches
In the competitive world of business, employers and employees at every level need to communicate clearly in English.
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