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Chris Parez, MS, CCC/SLP is the owner of Accent Reduction Specialist. He offers ONLINE Accent Reduction training. He is a Compton Certified P-ESL Instructor through the Institute of Language and Phonology (ILP). Chris works with individuals from anywhere in the world who wish to reduce their native or regional accents, and attain a Standard American English accent. Learn American English from the comfort of your home or office!

Chris Parez  MS, CCC/SLP; owner of Accent Reduction Specialist

If you feel like your speech is not easily understood due to a dialect or accent, I can help you:


Achieve Success in an English-Speaking Society











There are some simple ways to know whether your accent is standing between you and your success in an English-speaking society.


  • Are you often misunderstood?

  • Do people frequently ask you to repeat yourself?

  • Do you feel that people are focusing more on your accent than on what you are saying?

  • Do you fear that your accent is standing in the way of getting the job you want, developing friendships/relationships, or from being promoted at your work?

  • Do you feel embarrassed and upset when people have difficulty understanding you?


I can help you to speak more clearly and with more confidence, and to be understood by your listeners more effectively.

This woman has achieved success in an English-speaking society due to her Accent Reduction Training

Start Your Online Accent Reduction Training Today!

Please take a few moments to complete this Free Pronunciation Screening at no obligation.

You will need a microphone and approximately 10 minutes to complete this screening. You will be directed to the ComptonPeslOnline website.

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